How to Play

 These Learning Aids are suitable for learners’ from the age of six onwards and vary from basic operations right up to algebra, exponents, integers, factors and multiples, with different levels of difficulty per operation.

These Maths games are also suitable for home situations. Learners do not practice basic Maths operations only, they become adept at mental Maths, communicating Mathematically, validating their thinking and recognising various ways to solve problems. The added benefit is that all the thinking and problem solving is disguised as a game.


  • To sharpen basic Maths skills such as computation, problem solving;
  • Number sense, critical thinking and  pattern sensing;
  • To create a “Maths is fun” attitude in all learners; and
  • To help learners excel in Maths.

Benefits:Love maths

  • Builds a good foundation;
  • Contributes to a better pass rate;
  • Builds children’s confidence in their ability solve problems; and 
  • It sharpens the mind.



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