Advanced Kit

Advanced Classrom Kit - Ages 10 & up

This kit focuses on number sense, pattern recognition, concentration and critical thinking skills. Students develop the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, fractions, decimals and to do multi-step problem-solving using integers and algebraic notation. Contains materials for 34 students: • Six 24® game decks (48 cards per deck) Deck 1: Multiply/Divide 3 Dot Deck 2: Single/Double Digits Deck 3: Fractions Primer (x, ÷) Deck 4: Decimals and Fractions Deck 5: Variables Deck 6: Integers and Algebra • 34 Success Charts/Award Certificates. • More than 1,000 award stickers. • Two 1-minute timers. • One Activity guide. • One Instruction booklet.


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