Intermediate Kit

Intermediate Classroom Kit - Ages 8 & up

This kit focuses on pattern recognition, grouping, number sense, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Students develop the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide in a one-, two- and three-step process to reach a target number. In Deck 6 students are introduced to one-step addition and subtraction of fractions. Contains materials for 34 students: • Six 24® game decks (48 cards per deck) Deck 1: Add/Subtract 3 Dot Deck 2: Multiply/Divide 1 Dot Deck 3: Multiply/Divide 2 Dot Deck 4: Factors Deck 5: Single Digits Deck 6: Fractions Primer (+, -) • 34 Success Charts/Award Certificates. • More than 1,000 award stickers. • Two 1-minute timers. • One Activity guide. • One Instruction booklet.


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